About us

Long does not mean boring. Short does not mean shallow.

Short length is not a formula. Short lengths are not confinement.

Long and short are just a delivery format. A choice. Shallow and boring is a mirror of the skill of the delivery. Not because of the format.

Therefore our news can be long and can be short.

It’s the same as our choice to not just use words to convey the news. Graphics, photos and videos are also our tools. All can stand alone tell stories and complement each other as a whole.

We don’t want to be judges. Did not want to also be an executioner. Our intention is only to express the facts as they are. Rinse it out of bias.

We exist solely because of sensitivity. When an event, a case, deserves to be conveyed, interesting, and as much as possible to open insight. When excitement, tragedy, the hidden, and the open need to be known.

We are here to preach.

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